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Sustainable Web Design

Are the user flows clearly defined and streamlined? Are there additional images or videos that don’t add value? What colors and fonts are chosen? Has a page weight been budgeted?

See below resources that I find helpful as a designer to reference, and can serve as a jumping off point to learn more about sustainable web design.

A great database for sustainable web design information for designers, developers, business operations and more.

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Designing Branch: Sustainable Interaction Design Principles

Learn about the sustainable design principles behind an online magazine about sustainability and just internet for all.

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Wholegrain Digital

A blog full of information about sustainable web best practices, examples of green sites, and tips on improving yours.

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Design Sustainably

A collection of tips, tools and resources for eco-conscious digital designers.

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Performance Budget Calculator

Using a performance budget calculator can help you as a designer figure out how to achiee the clients goal with the least amount of data.

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GreenIT (in French)

Since 2004 the GreenIT community has written books, articles, and created courses on making the web a greener place. Their site is full of helpful training and articles to learn more.

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Sustainable UX

Conferences and talks hosted by UX professionals who care about tackling the increasing climate urgency crisis through a design lense.

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