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Humane Design

How does the design promote human goals over exploiting vulnerabilities? What incentives are in place that are driving the design strategy? Are any potential negative impacts of the design being considered?

See below resources that I find helpful as a designer to reference, and can serve as a jumping off point to learn more about humane design.

Center for Humane Technology

Learn about the principles of Humane Technology and what designers can do to create and re-design tech that benefits our communities.

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Humane by Design

Resources and principles for designing humane technology. Includes a comprehensive list of articles, books and websites to learn more.

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Calm Tech

Calm tech discusses the importance of capturing the person's attention only when necessary, how to pair interfaces down to the essentials and make code smaller rather than larger.

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Delft Institute of Positive Design

Publications, tools and inspiration from the creators of Positive Design. with the goal of assisting you to design products and services that increase the well-being of individuals and communities.

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Slow Interaction Design: Advances in Research and Practice

Read about Slow Technology and approaches that help us design technology that supports the richness of human experience.

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